Dear friends of the BTG,

you are receiving this mail because you have expressed your interest in riding the BTG 2018 by sending us an e-mail or a facebook PM. Thank you very much for this. We are a bit overwhelmed because 24 of you have registered for this list already! The ones of you that really make it to the start won’t regret it. Promised!

We have received many inquiries regarding the start date. We are now 99% sure it will be July 1st 2018. The starting venue will also be the same as in the two previous years: Basel, Switzerland (or some place very close to it). The route will be much the same as in the previous years although some sections are under review due to the feedback that we received from this year’s riders. We are working on it and it’s much too early to go into details.

The first thing that we want to do is to learn a little bit more about you. We want to publish a first roster in the next weeks so we need some information:

Are you still planning to join the group start on 1st July?

What is your country of origin (will be published in the roster)?

Which bike do you plan to ride on the BTG (will be published in the roster)? Are you interested in tracking (like or similar)?

Do you own a tracking device (SPOT, Delorme or similar)?

Please answer these questions even if you did so before (we have some returning customers on the list). We try to keep it as simple as possible. In the next weeks we will start to post informations that might be helpfull on the trail for you like:

  • Recommended gear
  • Resupply points
  • where to sleep and what you need to know about bivying
  • trail etiquette
  • organizational details
  • and when it’s ready: The track

If you have questions or subjects that you want us to comment on: Pls. let us know. We don’t want this communication to be a one way street.


Achim & Thomas