For 2020, the route was adjusted so that it is located exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany and does not cross any borders. The start was brought forward to Rheinfelden. This results in a slightly shorter distance of 1636 km.

After the start in Basel the way leads along the Rhine river turning north along the Wutach river. On a section of the “Vaude Trans Schwarzwald 2015” the border with Switzerland is crossed again for a few kilometers. From Tuttlingen to Aalen the route mostly follows the “Bike X-ing Schwäbische Alb” – one of the most scenic but challenging sections of the tour. It continues mountainous through Ellwangen, followed by a hiking trail very close to the European watershed near Rothenburg o.d.T. and over a ridge to Erlangen. From here we cross the Franconian Switzerland and the Fichtelgebirge to the tripoint Bavaria-Saxony-Czech Republic, the regulary start of the Grenzsteintrophy. The next 200 km will take over the crest of the Ore Mountains through Saxon Switzerland to the Oberlausitz. Here the border to the Czech Republic is crossed several times. In the last 600 km there are no more long slopes, but endless forests and sandy roads. The goal are the two lighthouses of Cape Arkona on the northern coast of the island of Ruegen.


The route is intended for quick progress, there are only a few technical or pushing sections. A large part passes through forests on cycle tracks, forest roads or some single tracks. The highest peak is the Fichtelberg with 1,214 meters. In the North, several ferries are used. The operating times of the ferries are listed in the POIs. For the passenger ferry across the Peene there is a bypass at night time. The Wittow Ferry, 30 km from the finish, can not be bypassed. Please plan accordingly!


More information about the route and the GPX download can be found at

The GPX-File with track and POIs will be sent to the participants one month before the start. The POIs mainly include shelters, camping and bivi sites, as well as some selected grocery stores and bike shops.



Choosing the right bike is as difficult as the terrain is diverse. The BTG is designed as a mountain bike tour, so using a MTB is reliable choice. We provide further information on the subject in our newsletter.