From Basel to Cape Arkona (RĂ¼gen). 1655 km (1028 miles) and 20,000 m (66,000 ft) elevation gain. Gravel, tarmac, old cobblestone roads, roots and sand.

Where and When

ITT (Individual time trial) between 27th Jund and 11th July 2021 from Rheinfelden (D)


This tour is organized by the participants themselves, has no commercial interest and no sponsors. We do not charge entry fees, because we believe that self-support racing should be free for all and free of charge. It is planned to set up a tracking page, for which the provider may be asking for money. Anyone can participate, whether on foot, by scooter or unicycle. However, we assume that most will compete with a mountain bike.

Video by Lukas Winkelmann and Sven Garbe, April 2017