Bikepacking Trans Germany 2020 – Wrap-up #6 (16th of July 2020)

Today we’d like to keep the wrap-up rather short, but that doesn’t mean that it will lack appreciation for today’s finishers.

First of all, we want to congratulate Boris to his arrival at Cape Arkona. From early on in the race, he struggled with mechanical problems such as a leaking brake line due to poor cable guiding what made him tackle a couple of descents only with his rear brake only before Norbert, the good spirit of the BTG, chimed in for some trail magic. 😉 Boris proved that he had the mindset and the determination that are needed to finish a rough 1600 km long self-supported mountain bike ride. He refused to surrender to circumstances he couldn’t change – hats off, Boris! The whole BTG-family is proud of you!

A nice little side story: Even his tracker stopped working at some point and still showed his dot at the Wittower Ferry while he was long approaching the lighthouse of Cape Arkona. As Thomas commented in the WhatsApp group cat: “Boris, your tracker is just as messed up as your bike. Tedde will push him over the finish line by hand…”

Besides Boris, there were three other finishers today: Daniel S., Dominik W. and our stealth rider Andreas H., who was riding without a tracker and ended up at the ninth-fastest time so far. Congratulations to you guys, too!

It has been a pretty fast year in general, even if the weather wasn’t always as good as the years before. Achim just informed me that he and the others from his group of friends still had one day of riding ahead of them at this point of time.

Good job, everyone!

Stealth rider Andreas H. finished after 7 days 8 hours and 53 minutes
Boris G. at the finish
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