Bikepacking Trans Germany 2020 – Wrap-up #4 (10th of July 2020)

And we have three more finishers. Ramon, Oliver and Christian made it to the Cape a few hours ago.

According to the tracking, Ramon is currently the fastest rider of the 2020 edition with a total of 6 d 14 h 38 m, though you cannot really compare ITT riding times. He is followed by Oliver and Christian with a time of around 6 d 18 h 19 m. Their finish was not without tension. At 4 p.m. Ramon still had 100 km to the ferry and it was uncertain whether he would be able to get the last ferry at 9 p.m. Coming from behind, he overtook Oliver and Christian and apparently even got an earlier ferry. In the end, they made 300km on that last day – an enormous achievement.

Unfortunately we don’t have a finisher photo of Ramon. He only photographed his bike. According to his own statement, the brakes are gone and the chain ring is about to kick the bucket. But he did it. Congratulations to the three gentlemen!

In the meantime, another rider has unfortunately said goodbye. Endre apparently did not have a harmonious relationship with his GPS, which led him to the Czech Republic for a few kilometers. Unfortunately, he ended the tour afterwards. When Jesko went on a side trip to Poland, we were briefly worried that he would be faced with a similar fate, but as he explained himself, he only went to resuply on the Polish side.

Tomorrow will bring more excitement. Will Olaf reach his 7-day goal or will he have to abort his ride because of time constraints? We are cheering for him and hope that everything will go well.

Ramons bike at the lighthouse of Cape Arkona
Olaf at checkpoint #5
Mirko quietly making progress. Here at checkpoint #4.
Martin & Urs, riding without a tracker, with a happy smile at checkpoint #3
Roger on top of the Fichtelberg. The weather seems to have improved.
Andreas on op of the Katzstein, checkpoint #3.
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