21:35 and here’s your daily update about what went on on this day of the Bikepacking Trans Germany 2018.

First of all, we have to wish #btg18 rider Tim a happy happy birthday! Tim, here’s your virtual slice of a virtual birthday cake: 🍰 Enjoy, I bet it’s very well deserved.

Up front Ben Steurbaut and Mr Ch. Beyer are still head to head and it seems like the heat doesn’t slow them down at all. Or the heat is the reason that they want to arrive at the Baltic Sea as soon as possible to take a refreshing bath in the water? They are at km 548.26 and km 547.16, so they already have left about a third of the route behind them. Clem Shovel is in the third place with 488.84 km into the race, Thomas Go-Ride Taut is at km 485 and almost at his rear wheel. Bernie completes the leading quintett with 485 km ridden until now. 38 riders have passed checkpoint #1 so far.

Today the weather was quite hot again, yet not as physically demanding as yesterday. Thomas Borst, Achim Walther and Dieter had some technical issues and helped pushing up the sales of a local bikeshop in Tuttlingen. Zweirad-Center Nerz helped with new pedals, fixed a bent front derailleur and replaced a slashed tire. As they found out that their customers were part of the #btg18 they welcomed them with cake and cold drinks. Both cake and drinks were a very nice treat given the fact that most of the caf├ęs and restaurants in the Swabian Jura have their rest day on Monday.

Two riders had to quit today: Tobias Christensen paid tribute to yesterday’s heat which got the best of him. But he is confident to tackle the race again next year… in other words: He can’t wait to be back at the start in Basel! My Big Wheel Racing team mate Walter Lauter also had to bail out of the race with some stomach issues. Not being able to drink and eat properly under these circumstances is just too risky considering the physical effort.

That’s it, good night everybody.
Happy riding, stay safe, sleep well!

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