Day 5 is in the books. We try to keep track of all riders which is not easy for the ones who don’t carry a SPOT. We had another scratch yesterday which leaves us with 20 still going.

Jaap and Klaus are the only riders who are still in the Schwäbische Alb. They are on a campground near Geislingen tonight. The rest of the peloton is on it’s way to CP2 (Dreiländereck) with Alex and Jaume still in place 4 and 5. They will get to CP2 tomorrow.

Adalbert is in 3rd place. He has passed CP2 today and also the ‘roof’ of the tour: Fichtelberg. James has passed CP3 and will drop into the flats of the Lausitz tomorrow.

René has passed CPs 3 and 4 tonight and is 130km ahead of James. It’s stunning to see how he is in synch with Reto‘s last year’s pace. Tonight he stays approx. 7km behind the place where Reto camped last year. 500km to go for him and 1300 for Jaap and Klaus.

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