We are getting prouder of our racers with every day. Obviously the weather out there really sucks! But non the less we have three more finishers today:

Thoralf at 12:55 pm
Alex at 6:58pm
Wolfgang at 7:17pm

7 are still out there riding and 4 of them could make it to the lighthouse tomorrow:

First in line is Dieter who is camped with some 120km to go. Looking at the weather we expect him to wear his famous green gloves on the finisher pic.

Next are Jakob and Bjoern although word is out there that they opened up a pub along the track. But we are not sure if their business plan is sustainable and hope they will ride on tomorrow.

While Jakob and Björn made it across the Peene ferry Martijn is trapped on the wrong side although he put in some big miles today. But we are sure he will find a solution and make it to the lighthouse tomorrow too.

Tim is bound to get back on the track tomorrow and hopefully finish Tuesday. Jaap and Rheinfall Klaus also put in a big day today! They made it far into the Lausitz region and will reach CP4 tomorrow.

Thanks and congratulations to all our riders for a great day. Good night!

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