Dear prospective rider of the Bikepacking Trans Germany 2020,

you receive this mail because you have registered for our event. Thank you for doing so and first of all: We wish you all the best for your BTG-year 2020! Happy training!

With this mail we want to point you to some information about the event.

First of all some of you asked us if their registration was successful and if their place in the roster is safe. Once you received the confirmation e-mail your registration was successful. If you did not receive any mail from us before please check your SPAM folder. But please note that it is not complete before you payed your registration fee. We have now more than 80 registrants and expect the maximum number of 100 riders to be met within the next days. Once we reached 100 registrations we will complete registrations in the sequence of incoming payments until the roster is full. Everybody else will go to a waiting list and will be informed when a vacant slot gets available.

There is also the option of riding the tour individually (ITT) – starting on a different day than the Grand Depart. Tracking for ITT riders is also possible as long as it takes place in July. Ultimately, the route can also be traveled from north to south (south bound = SoBo). We can also offer tracking here. Both ITT and SoBo are not subject to the 100 participants limit.

In recent years we sent out lots of information about the event to our riders in periodic e-mail-newsletters. We found that much of this information does not change between years, so we decided to publish the newsletter archive on our homepage We suggest that you read those newsletters carefully. They will answer 80% of your questions. Please feel free to contact us with the 20% of remaining questions anyway. Our newsletters for the 2020 event will be constrained to the specific facts that change between years like details about tracking and of course the GPX track of the route. Both will not be ready before May as we do some rescouting of the route in spring every year.

An additional source of information is our Facebook Group “Bikepacking Trans Germany”. It is a good way to get connected to fellow riders and share experiences. In the last two years we also had Whatsapp Groups which were very helpful during preparation but even more during the event. They still exist and are regularly used by the riders who want to stay in contact after the event. If any of you want to set up a WhatsApp group as an administrator, please let us know.

That’s it for the moment. Now get on your bikes and bring those training miles in!

Best regards,
Thomas & Achim.