Dear prospective riders of BTG 2019!

Finally here it is: Our first newsletter for BTG 2019. Starting from today we will send out regular newsletters to you providing all the information necessary to line up at the start in Basel on the 07th July and enjoy the ride.

First of all we hope you enjoyed the Christmas Holidays, slowed down a bit from the pace of normal life and found some time to deal with the important things in life, like cycling ?

So far we have already 50 riders signed up for the group start which is absolutely overwhelming. Last year we had a bit more than 60 riders at the start line and we already thought that we could by no way top this number. But it looks like we will welcome even more riders this year. Don’t worry, we will deal with it and make sure that it will be an enjoyable ride also on the first days when the field is still dense.

On the organizational side we will need to streamline our administrative process a little bit to keep track of all who have registered and also those who just signaled their interest. As a consequence subsequent newsletters will go out only to those who have registered via our registration form.

No need for action for those who already registered on this link! Everybody else who is not registered yet but wants to keep on receiving these newsletters: Please register and choose the appropriate option in the section ‘Confirmation’:

  • ‘Confirmed’ if you want to join the group start on 07th July.
  • ‘Newsletter Only’ if you do not want to register (yet) but want to keep on receiving the newsletters.
  • ‘Individual’ if you don’t want to join the group start but want to ride the route at any other time as an individual ride.
  • ‘Canceled’ if you have registered for any of the other three options but decide later that you don’t want to hear of us again.

With your registration confirmation you receive a link that allows you to change any of the data later. Please use only this link to modify your registration later. You can change any of the data, especially the ‘Confirmation’ status if you decide to withdraw. ‘Canceled’ riders will be removed from our mailing list and data will be deleted.

We also established a Whatsapp Group for participants to discuss gear, tactics, logistics, etc.

We did so last year and it was well accepted. The group still exists today and is used heavily by riders who want to stay in contact after the event. If you want to join the 2019 Whatsapp Group please answer to this mail and send us your cell phone number.

That’s it for the moment. Newsletters will from now on appear regularly. We have a few subjects in mind that we want to inform you about. But if you have suggestions, please let us know and we will do our best to include your topics. The next newsletter will be about the choice of bike for the ride. This is one of the most discussed topics and it makes sense to deal with it early because we assume that you want to do your prep rides on the bike that you want to ride in the event. Stay tuned!

Now we wish all of you a perfect start into the BTG-year 2019! Stay safe and healthy and get on your bikes as often as you can!

Best regards, Achim & Thomas