Bikepacking Trans Germany 2020 – Wrap-up #5 (13th of July 2020)

“DIGGER OR DIVER? – The Quest for the last ferry”

Just tonight, a BTG rider known as “Digger” accepted the unspoken challenge by the schedule of the last ferry on the island of Rügen: He dug deep into his pedals to avoid missing the last departure…and he succeeded! So no need to dive through the dark waters of the Baltic Sea to keep the possibility of finishing tonight alive. Go Digger, you got this!

Speaking of finishers: So far, this year’s Bikepacking Trans Germany has 17 participants who finished the ride and made it to the cape. Since the last issue of the Rügenpresse, Flo Supertramp, Daniel B, Mirko S, Olaf F, Josh und Jesko, Steffen R, Florian, Andreas and just one hour ago Urs and Martin have arrived at the famous lighthouse every bikepacker is longing for.

It took all of them between 6 and 9 days – congratulations, you’ve all made a great accomplishment under conditions that have been anything but easy this year!

Obviously, the operator of the Aalbude ferry shared that assessment regarding the ride: He didn’t charge Josh and Jesko for taking them over the Peene, because “they’ve been punished enough already…” It’s stories like this one that made him become some kind of BTG legend. Maybe we should give him the nickname Charon and refer to that part of the Peene as Styx from now on?

The next two riders to finish seem to be Dominik and Roman. Dominik decided to spend the night in the small town of Gravelotte, a mythical place that Thomas compared to a Camelot for gravel bike riders.

Then, there was the infamous fence blocking the path in the Reicherskreuzer Heide. Rumors say that it protects a secret polar bear breeding station from trespassers. The BTG board is currently investigating what is actually going on there. Anything from aliens in fur to tumble-dried sheep is possible.


…and he made it! Digger has just arrived at the finish! Congratulations!

Polar bears(?)
Start your professional career right here, right now!
We spotted a tag on a race cap that seems to be gang-related.
Polarea 51.
Digger and Oliver at the finish
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