Bikepacking Trans Germany 2020 – Wrap-up #3 (9th of July 2020)

Today we got the news from Ramon on the WhatsApp group that the part 66-Seen-Weg which is a section of the BTG route through Brandenburg has been pretty relentless when it comes to wear down material and components due to the wet sand. Brake pads and chains in particular were victims of these conditions, so we decided to write down a little elegy for those poor, poor sanded down bits. For a melody, we recommend listening to an instrumental version of “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas.

I push my bike
Only for a moment then I pedal on
All the pads rub down before my eyes, a misery
Dust in the wind
All the pads are dust in the wind.

Sand old sand, just a drop of water and it turns to mud
All we do
Crumbles to the ground around the 66 Seen
Dust in the Wind
All the pads are dust in the wind

Lube your chain
Nothing lasts forever but the Earth and Sky
It wears through
But with all your money you can buy a new
Rust in the wind
Oh your chain is rust in the wind…

Alright, away from the weeping and the melancholy – we had some trail magic, too! Matti, who had to drop out of the race at an earlier point, returned to Checkpoint #2 only to surprise Boris and Gisbert with some cold beverages. That’s the spirit and we love to share stories like that!

Then the Bikepacking Trans Germany made it on the TV screens once again: Jesko got a feature on “Brisant” and was interviewed at the Fichtelberg. We were a bit irretated about the fact that he got introduced as a “Hobby cyclist” because we consider all of the participants of the Bikepacking Trans Germany to be professionals to the highest standards!

But even the experienced professionals make mistakes… and so did Olaf. After escaping our traffic control on Saturday night, he sent a photo from Checkpoint #4 today… Now we know where to find him to look for his flask!

That’s it for today – we started with mechanicals and end with mechanicals: Jonathan’s issues with his bike seem to continue – we cross our fingers that one of the bikeshops can solve the problem and that he’ll be able to continue and make it to the cape.

To all of you out there: Have a good night and get some rest – stay safe, ride on!

Olaf at checpoint #4
Jesko on top of the Fichtelberg, being interviewed by German television
Ramons bike after the 66-Seen-Weg
Trail angel Matti at checkpoint #2
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