Bikepacking Trans Germany 2020 – Wrap-up #2 (8th of July 2020)

Today, we can congratulate our second finisher of the 2020 BTG: Peter Felten missed the last ferry last night but made it up to the Cape today! Congratulations, Peter – we’re happy to hear that your tracking device stuck with you for the whole ride this time and that we didn’t go on the hunt for an Easter egg again!

Speaking of finishers: Michael, the current leader and candidate for a total time of 6 days or less given his progress on the track so far, had to scratch the race due to issues with sitting on his bike – you all know what that means, we just thought it might be polite to avoid the phrase that has something to do with pain and the a-word.

But he wasn’t the only one to leave the race: So far, there are 10 DNFs – which are quite a lot at this point of the race. There are also quite a lot of different reasons: Injuries, crashes, mechanical issues, going too far too fast too early or bikes that weren’t that good to deal with the nature of the trails and the conditions on the track.

The weather has been a bit frickle so far and reminds us a bit of 2017: Ranging from nearly 30 degrees Celsius on Sunday down to almost freezing temperatures in the Swabian Alp, it took quite a lot of some of the riders. Also the rain had its share when passable sections were turned into bounty holes and made some riders feel like they have brought a knife to a gun fight. But that’s the way it is and what you have to be prepared for when tackling an offroad bikepacking route: What seems to be a fast section on sunny days can turn into a very demanding one as quickly as the weather can change from one minute to another.

But let’s move away from the problems and issues on the track and go back to the good news: Gisbert, the Admin of the WhatsApp group, was just shy of quitting but found new confidence after being joined by Boris. Currently their only concern is getting passed by Hannah riding close behind them.

Then, we had the sighting of wolf puppies near Bad Muskau – maybe we’ll see a video of these cute little things soon?

Last but not least, we want to end today’s BTG report with an information for all you out there waiting and longing for the daily write-ups we did for the past issues of the Bikepacking Trans Germany.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our workload has shifted a bit so that write-ups on a daily basis are very hard to do. Therefore we decided to cover the 2020 BTG a little different and not as detailed as we did in the past years. Thanks for your understanding and thanks for being a loyal subscriber to the Rügenpresse anyway!

Michi at checkpoint 3 before he DNFed
Gisbert happy with Boris as his company.
The half Jonathan smiling an checkpoint 2.
Ramon on top of Katzstein (Checkpoint 3).
Mirko under a tree (Checkpoint 2).
Henrik with his injured knee.
Christoph in front of his castle (Checkpoint 2).
Bikepacking heaven at Checkpoint 1 (photo: Jonathan).
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