CP photos of the day!

We did a bit of housekeeping today and found that everybody should be through CP1 except Clas who experienced some mechanical problems on day one and is now back on track. He DQed himself for taking outside assistance but we will look into this later and just let him enjoy the ride.

The majority of the field is moving towards CP2. The fast ones are heading to CP3, the top3 have passed CP4 and the extra-terrestrians are flying towards Cape Arkona (more of them later).

Enjoy the CP-pics!

Sven Brommann at CP2
Ralf Nöllenburg at CP2
Patrick Otto at CP2
Shane Little at CP2
Detlev Rabe at CP2
Christian Beyer (or at least his bike) on CP3 yesterday. Damn, this guy is just too fast to capture him on photos…
Olaf Haensch at CP3
Jann Neumann at CP2 or in a parallel universe where everything is mirror inverted?
Andrew Grau at CP2
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