Our PR-officer Fabian Farbian Baum asked for a leave tonight so I will do my best to take over his job for today. Thank you very much Fabian for the great reports so far and for those to come!

Let’s start with a collection of impressions that dropped in via Whatsapp today.

Klaus was happy to ride a fatbike in these conditions.
Photo: Jaap Knegt
Photo: Christian Beyer
Sunset after another hot day.
Photo: Lukas Eger
Sleeping copanions.
Photo: Tim Zeelen
Nice campsite No.1
Photo: Lukas Eger
Nice campsite No.2
Photo: Thomas Ritter
German countryside
Photo: Fatih Eroglu
BTG friendly bikeshop Velocita in Erlangen
Photo: Achim Walther
Benjamins farewell photo in Bayreuth
Photo: Benjamin Splitt
Tyre Artwork
Photo: Shane Little
Wrong way.
Photo: Peter Scheerer
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