Dear friends of the BTG: A bit earlier than Fabian used to do in the last days: Here is the daily wrap for day 5 of the BTG:

The most popular question of the day is: How much will Christian and Ben cut off the current record? Tedde of Follow My Challenge sent us a calculation today that they slept for as much of 4.5 hours so far and given that they have about 230km to go we don’t assume that they won’t take many more breaks.

We know that this might raise questions about the effects of sleep deprivation but we are talking about extremely experienced and self responsible athletes who know what they are doing. Given this we assume that they can cut off as much as one day from the previous records. But they are heroes of the BTG anyway.

So are all riders who still work their way towards Cape Arkona. At the back end of the pack Clas Ebeling has come over serious mechanical problems and is working his way back into the ride.

We also had a few scratches today: Cengiz Kalayci had to quit in Bad Berneck, Jaap Knegt dropped out in Killer and Benjamin Splitt stopped as planned in Bayreuth. For the statistics: Out of 62 riders who started in Basel 11 had to abandon the race and 3 are relegated which leaves us with 48 potential finishers of this year’s BTG.

Revival of the day: Morgan Allen got his broken dyno hub replaced and is back on the track.

To all the riders out there: Thank you so much for joining our event. You are absolutely amazing!

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