It’s 21:28 and time for the daily #btg18 report. Today was a pretty eventful day, so let’s get right into it. First of all: Thomas Borst texted me today that he had to quit, due to some issues with his stomach. He was just too worn out to keep going and is already back at home. Get well soon, Thomas and thanks for everything you did! Another rider who dropped out of the leaderboard today is Tobbe. He had a crash with a badger early this morning that left his bike damaged. He went to two bikeshops only to find out that none of them had the needed spare part in stock. But he seems to be fine and is looking forward be part of next year’s edition of the Bikepacking Trans Germany. Jon had issues with his front brake and still hasn’t found a bikeshop that stocks parts for Hope brakes. He tried his luck at every bikeshop in Geislingen and is riding back to Kirchheim unter Teck tomorrow. If he won’t find what he needs there it’s likely that the brake issue is forcing him to quit. Good luck, Jon!

But after all these rather not so positive news something good: The team spirit among the riders is incredible! In the WhatApps group various tips are shared, from good camp spots to sources of water supply. Also Jon got some tips of what he can do with his brake to continue his ride. Patrick Otto shared a story that he turned around and rode 20 km back to find his cell phone that he had lost. So lots of good things are going on!

Ben Steurbaut and Christian Beyer have both crushed the 1000 km mark today riding head to head at km 1142.58. What a ride, both just went past checkpoint #4, the Jaenschwalde Mine! Clem Shovel is in the third position and likely to make it to km 1000 today, too. He’s currently at km 995.08 and has also passed checkpoint #3 today. Bernie and Thomas Go-Ride Taut are also in the 900s but haven’t reached Katzstein yet. So far, a total of 10 riders have reached checkpoint #2

That’s it for today, sleep well, stay safe and have a good night!


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