Just when it looked like all racers are settled for the night it appeared that one of them is still moving: René obviously puts in a nighshift to make it to Checkpoint 2 tonight. CP2 is the place where three states meet: Bavaria, Saxonia and Checz Republic. And it is the place where Grenzsteintrophy starts, the archetype of German bikepacking events. As a long term GST veteran Rene obviously feels the allure of this place.

At CP2 he would be approx. 60km ahead of Retos record setting ride of last year. Also the gap to James K. would grow to more than 100km. Adalbert is another 100km behind. In the meanwhile Jaume has made it to the rim of the Schwäbische Alb, Alex and most probably Giorgio are very close to it. Easier terrain is ahead of them. Almost all riders with a SPOT have made it across CP1. We also start receiving CP1-pics from SPOT-less riders.

Good night to all racers and good luck for tomorrow!

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