A few minutes ago our two last riders finished the race: Jaap Knegt from the Netherlands and Klaus ‘Rheinfall’ Meyer from Germany reached the lighthouse at 3:39pm which makes up for a finish time of 20 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes.

Aged 67 and 68 they rode most of the route together and it was great fun reading the posts that they sent us. They definitely not always had a good time but they always were optimistic, kept calm and definitely had lots of fun out there.

For the records: Their finish will be marked an unofficial one as they deviated from the track. But they rode all the way in good style and I am sure this is all that matters to them.

With their finish the second edition of Bikepacking Trans Germany is over. I hope you enjoyed following it as much as we did and we hope that some of you will be in Basel next year for the third edition.

We have already started working on it and we already have quite a few early-bird registrations. We will come back to you in the next days with a few after race reflections, more pics and also with some thoughts about next year.

Stay tuned!

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