Day2 is a wrap! All riders are rested. At least the ones with a SPOT. We have 11 riders with a SPOT and 11 without. Unfortunately James had to scratch today so we have 21 riders still going.

Race strategies are getting a bit more obvious now. It looks like René and James K. are moving at the same pace but Rene puts in more hours per day and so increased the gap to 70km now. Tonight he is approx. 30km beyond the place where Reto stayed last year after day 2.

Adalbert is in third place (unless a SPOT-less rider is in between). As last year he rides endless hours per day. He is 50km behind James and he is a fighter. Obviously he lost quite a bit of time yesterday when he went the wrong way for a while.

Jaume, Alex and Giorgio passed CP1 today and stay at a very nice place for the night. So is Tim who maybe has the most spectacular view tonight. Good night to all racers and good luck for tomorrow.

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