Headline of day 17 is Tims finish! It takes some determination to sit out severe illness for two days in some eastern German Kaff (disrespectful German word for a small town in the middle of nowhere with almost no infrastructure) and then to get back on the bike and to finish as if nothing has happened. Chapeau, Tim!

Now all eyes are on these two gentlemen. The photo was taken in Frankfurt at the start of the Candy B. Graveller late April where we first met Klaus and Jaap. The messages that they keep sending us sound like they are still mostly enjoying it although I read something like ‘sadists’ today when they referred to Achim and me. Don’t know what they are talking about…

They are close to Berlin now with 350km to go. They will have to shovel through some more Brandenburg sand before the going gets easier. But nothing will stop them now. If I were to bet I would expect to see them at the lighthouse on Saturday.

Good night everybody!

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