The wrap-up for day 16 come a bit earlier today because all riders are rested for the night right now. First of all we had four more finishers today. So we now have 12 finishers 7 scratches and 3 riders still out there.

Tour Divide and Grenzsteintrophy veteran Dieter finished at 4pm. Jakob and Björn left their pub behind and finished at 5:43pm. We will miss these guys’ reports from the track! For Björn it’s finally a finish after he had to give up last year with a defunct GPS with only a few 100kms to go. Finally at 6:30pm we saw the first live finish broadcasted by Martijn who seemed to get stronger with any day out there.

Tim still not feels 100% ok but got back on the trail: He made some good miles today, crossed the Peene ferry and is left with 140km to go. This is good for a finish tomorrow if his body allows. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and cheer him on.

Finally Klaus and Jaap out in one more solid day and sent these pics from CP4. They have 450km left to go and move at a steady speed. They should be set to finish some time end of this week.

Congratulations to our finishers and a good night to our riders!

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