Start of the 2017 edition of Bikepacking Trans Germany. 22 riders from Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, The Netherlands, Catalunya (!!!), Italy, Germany and even one from New Zealand are on their way to Rügen. Please watch until the end, else you will miss Dieter ‘The green glove guy’ Borsutzky.

It is no surprsie that René is ahead of the pack. He will soon reach an ‘interesting’ section that we called ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ (blue). This is where the river riding ends and the fun starts with a vengeance…
This pic was taken last year after a rider whose name must not be spoken fell into the Rhine. Radio Trans Germany reports that today another rider renewed this ‘old’ tradition. Next year we will have a special price for the first rider swimming in the Rhine…
René and most probably James, whose tracker doesn’t work properly, have just passed the point where Reto and Mirko spent the first night in last year’s race. These guys are giving it some beans… Will they make it to CP1 today (blue)?

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